By: Chasity Burke MS, LPC, NBCC, RRT Practitioner

Immunity Enhancement
Dr. Jon Connelly, PhD, LCSW

With the adjustment to this new normal where there is so much uncertainty, where parents have become teachers, kids are out of routine, some of us are out of work, and we are all practicing social distancing while still trying to maintain connection and our sanity, it can be a lot! 

With uncertainty, there has also been an increase in fear, stress, frustration, and a general sense of unease. If you have been experiencing any of these or other troubling emotions, you are not alone and it is absolutely not something that you are choosing but I have something valuable to share with you that I believe can make a significant difference in how you have been feeling.  

Fear does not serve us! What happens within our bodies when we are in a fear state actually lowers our immune system, we are incapable of thinking clearly, digestion slows, and our bodies natural healing ability slows as well and our sleep gets disrupted. It is optimal for us to be calm, clear, and strategic in any situation where it would be normal to be fearful. 

It has never been more important for us to be calm and clear and have our immune system working optimally for ourselves and others. I have attached an audio developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, creator of Rapid Resolution Therapy that helps to increase the natural healing that goes on within your body all of the time so that your mind and body are functioning in an optimal calm and clear state instead of a fear state! 

You are not alone, we are all in this together! If you would like more information on Rapid Resolution Therapy you can visit

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